General Rules

Driver / Passenger:

  • All drivers will be required to hold a valid driver's license, expect for special kid classes, when applicable.

  • All drivers must attend the driver's meeting.

  • Any driver who is suspected/considered to be under the influence of any alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to race. No one in the pit area is allowed to have alcohol or drugs. Violators will be disqualified for the remainder of the race (this includes members of your pit crew.)

  • Properly fitting helmet. Snell 85 or higher.

  • Passengers, if allowed, must be at least 16 years old, helmet/seat belts/restrains must fit appropriately, waiver must be signed, parent must sign if passenger is under 18. Officials have the right to refuse passengers at any time.

  • Passenger will be teched in with vehicle, no person under the influence of drugs of alcohol may ride.

  • A driver may register for as many classes as they qualify/meet regulations for.

  • For the vehicles qualified to run on Alcohol or Nitro-methane, fire suit, gloves, and shoes are required.


  • Tech-in closes 1 1/2 hours before race starts. Registration closes 1 hour before race starts. Penalty for late entries is $10. No entry after race starts.

  • All vehicles must have a neutral safety switch.

  • All vehicles must have devises to keep arms and legs in cab, with the exception of 4-wheelers/snowmobiles.

  • Arm restrains and/or nets allowed. Windows OK for stock vehicles.

  • No top= 4pt harness and roll bar.

  • Battery must be secured appropriately, and if located inside the driver or passenger area, must have a cover with a noncombustible material lining.

  • Fire extinguishers; 2.5 lbs Dry Chemical or CO2 minimum, within easy reach of driver with quick detachment, Hallon OK.

  • Any street legal vehicles that have equipment exceeding its class will be placed in Comp Mod class.

  • No Nitromethane allowed, except for X Class.

  • Any additional cubic inches gained by boring or stroking must be declared at tech-in/ registration to determine correct class.

  • Dual throttle springs required on all race vehicles.

Vehicle Rules

Mud Bog

  • Vehicles must meet safety check.

  • All entries need a secure hook point of some sort.

  • Run is finished when forward mementum stops. No backing up.

  • Manual transmission behicles - if stopped during shift, run is over at that point.

  • 4&6 Cylinder- Anything goes!

  • Stock- Tire limit 33" DOT Max 4" lift.

  • Sportsman B- Tire limit 381/2 DOT EOM Engine components, milk engine work. Single turbo diesels.

  • Sportsman A- Tire limit 52" DOT Engine work OK. Twin turbo diesels.

  • Comp Mod- Open tires. No turbo's, blowers, or nitrus.

  • X-Class- Anything goes!

  • ATV, UTV, Snowmobiles, run what you bring.

Tough Trucks

  • Vehicles must meet safety check.

  • If it has a rebuildable, reservoired shocks, it will be classified as Comp Mod.

  • Sportsman and up must have roll bar.